Skyhawks Official Sponsor

Mission & Philosophy

We believe sports are extremely important in the lives of our youth and students.  For some, it provides an opportunity for higher education.  For others, sport is a means to relieve stress, learn life lessons and make connections with other students and adults.  We believe in an education-based athletics program where the interest and welfare of the student-athletes comes first.  Building character through teamwork, commitment and leadership are the foundation to the program while winning and other outcomes are secondary.  The ability to compete is equally important but only through demonstrating proper sportsmanship, overcoming adversity and exhibiting perseverance.

In addition, success should be celebrated, not only on the court and on the field but in the classroom as well.  There should not be a separation from the classroom to the athletic field.  What happens in one setting directly affects what happens in the other setting.  For example, discipline must be exemplified when representing the team or school in both an athletic or academic environment.

Finally, and most importantly, sport participation should be fun.  It is our responsibility to protect, promote, practice and preserve the program and the students’ well-being at all times.  Creating an inclusive environment with the coaches, sponsors, parents, athletes, staff and community is a top priority.